Stop the press! DT Register 2.5 has arrived... with support for Joomla 1.5 NATIVE! Many of you have been waiting to hear this for a long time, and we've been waiting a long time to say it. There are a number of items to point out and be aware of so please read this article in full so you don't miss out on anything!

Not only is legacy mode no longer needed, you can now use the latest 1.5 versions of JEvents. We also made some bug fixes and other improvements, the main one being that you can now provide full event details for your events. Here is full scoop on the changes...

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DTH Development

DTH Development has now launched a brand new website! Yes, this was long overdue as the old site was lacking in many ways. However, when you spend all of your time developing some of the best Joomla extensions available, it doesn't leave a lot of time for sprucing up your own website :). You may have also noticed our new logo. We hope you will enjoy our new site and appreciate the improvements that have been made.

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Hello!  As a present to our DTH users this weekend we are releasing an update to the popular DT Register component.  You can now get version 2.4.2 which does address a couple of bugs, but also adds some new features.

The new 2.5 version for 1.5 native is just around the corner!  We are hoping to have a beta release within a few days so stay tuned...

We wanted to go ahead and release this update to the existing package instead of waiting.  The items included are...

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Hello from DTH!  We have released DT Register 2.4.3 today, which addresses a couple minor bugs but mostly adds a new feature that many have been waiting for... DISCOUNT CODES!

The new 2.5 version for 1.5 native is in final testing.  We had hoped to release it by now, but have not had enough time in the last couple of weeks to complete everything.  I'm sure you can appreciate that we are taking the time to make sure everything is working correctly instead of slapping it together to send it out the door!  Anyway, the next announcement you will see from us will be to announce that 1.5 native is ready for DT Register!!

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Due to popular demand, we have completely redone the CSV export functionality of DT Register.  Now, you can first select which event or events you want to export data from, then you will select the fields you wish to include data for.  The data CAN show details from each member of a group registration in its own column.  Also failed payment attempt records are no longer included in the data export.

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