We are excited to announce the release of DT Register 2.4!  This does address a couple of bugs, but mostly brings many improvements to the component that we hope you are excited to see.  Many of you have been pounding down our door to get some of these features included so here they are!  The feature, improvements and fixes you will find in this new release are:


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dtdonate_logo100.jpgThe day has come... the wait is over!  We have finally released an update to DT Donate as version 2.1.6.  The new package includes an update for both Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 native.  This is a MUCH more stable release and many bugs were addressed and various items improved upon.  All users should upgrade immediately.  We realize there is more room for improvement, but much progress has been made with this release.   The main items to note would be...

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Yes, this should have been setup a long time ago, but...

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