DT Register

As part of continuing to make sure that DT Register remains the most stable and feature-rich event registration solution for Joomla, we bring you version 2.6.4. There is no "major" feature addition in this release, but a number of important improvements and fixes. We could make you wait for a few months before we pass them along, but we function a little differently than most other developers :) All DT Register users need to upgrade as soon as possible.

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DT RegisterAs you can tell, we don't sleep much around here. The work is never-ending as we quickly work to squash any bugs and to keep adding more and more features and improvements to our extensions. DT Register has really been the focus lately as we've rolled out some huge advancements. Today we want to let you know about yet another one! Version 2.6.2 is officially released with a number of fixes and also some addtional features. This has been available for a couple of days so some of you already have it, BUT if you downloaded it prior to this notice, you should download it again as the "official" release is done. The official package will show with a date of March 2, 2010 in the list of installed components.

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DT RegisterSo you already know that DT Register is the most feature-rich event registration solution for Joomla and also has faster development than any other option. Well, even though the last release was just a couple weeks ago, we already have a new version for you in 2.6.3!  There are a number of improvements and fixes. A couple of the fixes were squeezed recently into the 2.6.2b release, but most are new:

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DT RegisterOkay, so we rolled out a massive new release just 3 days ago with DT Register 2.6.0. The response has been fantastic and we're loving all of the good feedback we are receiving! However, in the midst of the excitement, a few bugs have been discovered. Nothing major, but little items here and there, so we have now released 2.6.1 which includes some fixes and some new features! MORE new stuff? YES!

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