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Yes, we have another DT Register update for you. Continually surpassing the rest... our event registration solution for Joomla, DT Register, has taken another step forward with the release of 2.6.5! We have released a few updates to 2.6.4 so we could get any resolved bug fixes to you right away as usual. In this package, there are some more fixes and some nice new features too! I'll list all changes since the initial 2.6.4 release here...

  • Added a new Tax feature. Now set per event a % tax to be applied automatically to the total registration price of an event. The tax is displayed onscreen separate from other fees and discounts.
  • Added eWay payment gateway option for Australia and New Zealand! We included BOTH Shared and Hosted options, so you have the ability to redirect to eWay for payment (like PayPal) or host the entire payment process in your site (should have a SSL certificate).
  • Added NetDeposit payment gateway option. This is a USA-based solution currently available with the following banks: AmegyBank of Texas, California Bank & Trust, National Bank of Arizona, Nevada State Bank, VectraBank of Colorado, and Zions Bank.
  • Added new option where instead of showing the custom private event message whenever your event/features require a user login, you can choose to redirect to another URL. Nice for sending users directly to a login page.
  • Menu option for creating category event listings was increased from allowing 6 categories up to now 12 categories.
  • Added administrator Dutch language translation (nl-NL).
  • Updated the Upcoming Events Module with a new option to set if events are dropped from the module after the event START date or the event END date.
  • Added new currencies in the default currency list: Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Peso, Russian Ruble, Taiwan New Dollar, Thai Baht
  • Fixed SQL bug in the frontend attendee's list.
  • Fixed issue where viewing and editing records did not properly show some custom field options due to selection limits being reached.
  • Fixed issue where editing/saving Cancel and Change dates for the User Panel were not saving correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the Paid/Not Paid status was not being included in the CSV export.
  • Fixed issue where waiting list was not considering the cancelled status of a record, so the count was not accurate.
  • Fixed issue where the timestamp for a new registration record was not correct. Now correctly stamped based on Joomla time zone configuration.
  • Some newer installs were missing a field in the waiting list database, keeping records from being created there. Fixed the install files.
  • DT_AMOUNT_PAID language tag was showing in the User Panel. Wrong tag was being used :)
  • With some PayPal accounts, PayPal was attempting to add shipping to registration fees. This is corrected so you can leave shipping features in the PayPal account if needed for other uses.
  • Fixed Google Maps API key so it was not checked if locations were not being used.
  • Changes made to improve configuration page loading for some users.
  • Fixed error in backend manual group registrations.
  • Fixed problem with iDeal Mollie payment integration
  • Fixed JoomFish config so the content element config file would stay in sync with changes to DT Register configuration.
  • Required field warning for custom fields was previously hard-coded. Now added to the language file.

Where can I download these updates??

Glad you asked... Login to our site, go to My Orders. Next to your order details you will see a Download link. This link always pulls the latest package that is available. You have access to this link for one year from purchase. If your order is no longer active, you would need to make a new purchase to get any further updates. After downloading the update, be sure to follow the upgrade instructions in the readme file.

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