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Today we releasing updates for Joomla events registration extension - DT Register for an improvement and 12 bug fixes.

DT Register 4.2.5 changelog:


joomla event registration DT Register updated

Option to use 1 email for Group registration: When a Group in DT Register event register for a new event, there is an option to select each new member and allow them to join the event, An email notification will be sent to those users. User email will be validated and avoid duplicate emails.

Bug fixes:

  • Icon problem on T4 framework
  • invoice layout messed up
  • Error on changing paid status, no invoice sended
  • Registration Form Throwing DTJquery Error
  • Error when trying to view a registration record in the backend
  • DTRegister not recording registrations but payment rcvd and other errors
  • Getting 1104 error when create a menu for single registration
  • GTID consistency
  • In one page checkout issue
  • Collapse Menu Cannot advance to next page in registration
  • [FEE_BREAKDOWN] Field Makes Wrong Assumptions
  • Group registration discount code working incorrectly

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