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This week, we are releasing updates for Joomla donation extension - DT Donate Joomla donation extension version 4.0.5 for Recurring donation improvement and 9 bug fixes. We also updated JA Payment gateway 1.1.5 for a new payment gateway and 2 bug fixes.

Recurring donation:

DT Donate 4.0.5 comes with an important improvement for Recurring donation payments, Now you can donate the payment on Recurring basis: daily, weekly, monthly or annually depending on the configuration set in DT Donate. Payments reminders will be sent to users based on the setting. It makes things easy for those who make a donation on a regular basis.

DT Donate 4.0.5 release changelog - 9 bug fixes:

  • Cut-Off Date not working for events
  • Missing languge on error message
  • Got code error when donate via DT DONATE CAMPAIGNS module
  • Update type's tooltip
  • Donation Records: Page counter working incorrectly
  • Donation Records: Custom fields are not saved
  • Can't recurring donate via
  • Got error when recurring donate period is years
  • Responsive style issue

JA Payment Gateway - Version 1.1.5 - 1 New Paymeny Gateway and 2 bug fixes:

  • New ETS gateway added
  • Gateway list radio buttons on appearing .
  • Barclay EPDQ Gateway

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