Have you seen the commercial that uses the slogan "the best stuff just got better"?  Well, that applies to the solutions from DTH Development too!  DT Register is the clear leader for event registration in Joomla... and now with 2.5.8 released, it is even better!  Then you have DT Menu, the new leader in menu editors for Joomla 1.5... we have released 1.5.4 making the best even better... again!  Want more details? Here you go:

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DT Register

As fall is approaching, we have some end of summer updates for all of you DT users! First, I'd like to announce a new DT Register 2.5.6 release!! This has a couple fixes but includes MANY new features and enhancements that you'll want to grab right away.  You'll see that we've been listening to your feature requests ;)  Here are some of the things we've done for you:

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DT Menu

Well, we told you we had some new things coming... and here is some of that new stuff! We have released a new menu editor component for Joomla! 1.5 called DT Menu. Do you want to customize your Joomla menus without a big headache and without having to dig into a bunch of CSS?? Well, now you can! Customizing your menus has never been easier! While there are other menu systems available, there isn't one that will do everything that DT Menu does. As we develop many custom Joomla websites, we have always been frustrated with the other menu solutions. So we finally answered our own problem... and hopefully answered yours! Here is some of what you can expect to find:

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