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DT DonateWe are announcing the release of DT Donate 2.1.8, which addresses some bugs and also adds some new features! This is an update to the Joomla 1.5 version of DT Donate... the 1.0 version is unchanged and will remain that way.  The component and the CB plugin have been updated and so has the instructional setup guide on our support page.  Here are the details of what you will see in this update:

  • Fixed the bug where certain amounts were not properly sent on to the payment gateway
  • Made necessary modifications so Community Builder 1.2 was fully supported when using CB integration
  • Modified so the auto-population will pull from the profile fields with or without a cb_ prefix
  • Modified the CB plugin for CB 1.2
  • Added a CAPTCHA security code image on payment pages.  This can be enabled/disabled in the settings.

** For those that are upgrading, be aware that there are language file and database changes from all previous versions, so you WILL need to utilize the latest language files and database changes. Save your language file if you have made changes so you can re-apply your changes.


To upgrade your current DT Donate installation, login to your account, go to My Orders and click the Download link. UNZIP the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the included ReadMe file. When you uninstall the current version and reinstall the new one, you will NOT lose any of your records, presets, etc.  Keep in mind that your settings are stored in the config.dtdonate.php file, not in the database.  So save a backup of this file so you can copy and paste in your settings into the new config file.  There are a couple changes so you need to use the new config file.... you can NOT simply use the old config file with the new release.

There are some exciting things coming this week so stay tuned in with DTH Development!