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Well, we have just been crazy busy lately and are cranking out new solutions and improvements at a pace that the other guys can't keep up with :)  We have released a number of updates for our popular Joomla extensions, including DT Register 2.5.7a, DT Menu 1.5.3 and our Acajoom Subscriber 1.2 plugin.  Here's what we have for you...

DT Register 2.5.7a
  • Added ability to specify unique payment options PER EVENT!
  • Added a new payment gateway for the Netherlands, iDeal
  • Added ability to use a comma (,) instead of a dot (.) for the separator in your registration prices.
  • Reorganized the Event Management area for creating, editing and copying events... as there are so many ways to customize your event, we've split everything into tabs.
  • Fixed a few bugs such as the issue with spaces and special characters in custom fee fields causing the fees to not be calculated.
We had updated the DT Register package a few days ago and it was labeled 2.5.7.  We put that out unannounced just to get a couple fixes out there, but if your release is not 2.5.7a with the date of Sept. 18 on it, you need to upgrade :)

DT Menu 1.5.3 has been released with a few bug fixes.

DT Acajoom Subscriber 1.2 has been released with a bug fix where registrants were not being added to the selected list in some situations.


As DT Register has recently added so many new features, we are running a couple free training sessions again.
CLICK HERE to register for a session now!

As always, there is much more to come!  Stay tuned and don't be wasting your time playing around with other solutions.  Stick with DTH and you'll be glad you did!