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dtdonate_logo100.jpgThe day has come... the wait is over!  We have finally released an update to DT Donate as version 2.1.6.  The new package includes an update for both Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 native.  This is a MUCH more stable release and many bugs were addressed and various items improved upon.  All users should upgrade immediately.  We realize there is more room for improvement, but much progress has been made with this release.   The main items to note would be...

  • PayPal now can be set to offer only onetime or only recurring donations!  You can still offer both just like before, but for those of you that did not want recurring to be an option, you now have a manner of doing that
  • If only one type of PayPal option is used (recurring or onetime), the donation amount and frequency is set on the same page as the form, eliminating one page in the donation process.
  • recurring donations now store the donor's name in the records and include it in the noticification email.
  • Display improvements have been made in regards to spacing, particularly of preset amounts
  • The brackets around a preset description no longer show when no description is given... eliminating the empty brackets that were previously there. 
  • Many other code improvements have been made throughout!

Thanks for your patience as we made these updates.  There are more new features to come, but first we wanted to make the foundation more stable for continued growth.  For more info on DT Donate, CLICK HERE!

To get this updated version, login to your account, go to My Orders and download the component again from the order link.  Unzip the file and you will fill two component install files... one for J!1.0 and one for J!1.5.  You'll also see the CB plugin for donation history.  Don't forget to copy your settings and custom messages as your config file will be overwritten with a modified file.  Thanks!