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We have now released DT Register 2.3.7, addressing some minor bug fixes.  Just 10 days after the last release, we are continually working on DT Register to make sure it remains the best event registration option for Joomla based websites! The items that have been addressed in this release are...

  • PayPal IPN integration was improved on further.  Some people were losing their session in Joomla after going to PayPal resulting in loss of data. A new database table has been added for the storage of session data when using paypal.  This is to make sure that no data is lost in the redirection to paypal.
  • Addressed issue where some new events were not having the registration type save on creation, resulting in blank registration form pages.
  • PayPal records now also show the Paid / Not Paid icon in the list of records just like Pay Later items.  The record is always created marked as Paid as the record won't exist unless payment is verified.  However, if you need to refund the payment, you could change the status to not paid.
  • Tooltips are working again in the Custom Fields management area.
  • DT Register will now allow you to setup registration for an event that is in progress... meaning a multi-day event.  Previously, once the start date was past, you could not access setup for that event in DT Register.  Now, as long as the END date is not past, you can still setup registration for the event.
  • CB Plugin updated as some users experienced PHP warnings when records were shown in the plugin.
  • Some users experienced blank or duplicate records showing in the dtregister_user database table.  This should no longer happen and was mostly due to PayPal usage.  If you have any of those duplicate or "junk" records, you will need to manually delete them from your database as they don't show in DT Register backend records.

We'll keep working hard on DT Register but do not intend on adding any new features until the 1.5 native version is finished.That is the priority and is getting very close!

To upgrade your current DT Register installation, login to your account, go to My Orders and click the Download link.  UNZIP the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the included ReadMe file. When you uninstall the current version and reinstall the new one, you will NOT lose any of your events, settings or records. Of course, it is always a good idea to backup your database tables for DT Register just in case.


The next session will be on Tuesday, February 3 at 4:00pm (EST). We will go through the newer features of 2.3.7 answer questions, etc.  Space is limited and you must register. To do so, click here

Thanks and enjoy!