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Hello!  As a present to our DTH users this weekend we are releasing an update to the popular DT Register component.  You can now get version 2.4.2 which does address a couple of bugs, but also adds some new features.

The new 2.5 version for 1.5 native is just around the corner!  We are hoping to have a beta release within a few days so stay tuned...

We wanted to go ahead and release this update to the existing package instead of waiting.  The items included are...

  • fix for PayPal IPN issue where user records were not created for some people.  Most sites have had no problems with this, but a few have.
  • improvements to backend manual registrations. Now both user and admin emails are sent for a manual registration... custom field data is saved properly... just cleaned it up and made sure it was solid.
  • In the records list, records now are marked as Paid or Not Paid.  This is redundant as the record would not exist if payment had not been made, but this seemed to be consusing to some users so we added it :)
  • Confirmation Number!  Previously the admin notification email generated a confirmation number for or PayPal registrations.  This was not used anywhere else.  That is now changed.  First, this number is generated for ALL registrations and saved in the database.  You can see the confirmation number in the backend records in a new column. There is also a new tag [CONFIRM_NUM] so you can put this number in the thank you email if you desire.
  • Date Format setting - You can now easily change the date format with a new simple setting in DT Register.  No longer do you need to modify code to make this change!
  • You can now edit the payment TYPE and AMOUNT in the registration records.
  • Form fields will now auto-populate from Community Builder with OR without the cb_ prefix on the field names. This is to help those that already have the fields without the cb_. It will now work either way.
  • Added two more currencies to the selection setting: South African Rand (ZAR) and Brazilian Real (BRL)

For those that are upgrading, be aware that no changes were made to the main.css file in this release.  Also, there are THREE new items added to the language file which you will find at the very bottom.  We will now be adding new language items at the bottom of the file to make it easier for translators from now on.

To upgrade your current DT Register installation, login to your account, go to My Orders and click the Download link.  UNZIP the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the included ReadMe file. When you uninstall the current version and reinstall the new one, you will NOT lose any of your events, settings or records.

Also, we have a new website in the works to improve your whole DTH experience.  You will see it soon :)  Don't forget to find us on Twitter and Facebook!