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DT Register joomla event registration stable released

After 2 months of development with multiple previews, alpha and beta releases, today we are more than happy to announce the stable release of DT Register 4.0. The new version comes with many new features, major updates to bring the Joomla event registration extension to a new level with all basic and advanced features and professional design to build event booking/registration system.

Let look again on all major new features and updates of the DT Register 4.0

1. Improved event detail page

event deails page DT Register

  • Full-featured event detail page layouts support in the backend
  • Event level controls to show / hide fields
  • Introduce Agenda feature
  • Introduce Schedule feature
  • Support Agenda uploads
  • Introduce Speakers feature, to display speakers in frontend in details view or in the module.
  • Sponsors section - update in the backend and list out sponsors in the frontend.
  • Enhanced Map support

2. Themes and templates supports

event themes and template : DT Register

  • Introduce themes and overrides for efficient styling
  • 3 themes: default, list theme and grid theme

3. Rewritten base theme with major UI / UX improvements

event registeration page DT Register

  • Event List page with better style
  • Event Details page
  • Event Registration page
  • Event Calendar

4. Backend UI / UX revamp

Joomla extension extension : DT Register backend

5. Invoice Integration

invoice itegration in DT Register event extension

View all features and road map of the Joomla event registration extension.

DT Register 4.0 Stable release changelog - 30+ bug fixes:

  • [Frontend] Display record on user panel page incorrectly when register multiple events
  • Payment cancelled but still be recorded as paid in 3.3.2 version
  • [User Panel] Record status should be auto-update to 'Expired' when the event is expired
  • [Frontend] Can't show Fee Ordering popup on Event management page
  • [Frontend] Got some errors on Edit Event page
  • Cant register an event if not enter deposit amount
  • Problem with JEvents Sync
  • Front-end Edit Event: Get error when click Save & Close
  • Front-end edit Category: Can't click to show Color Selector
  • Get code error on Event details without image
  • Back-end edit Records: Get code error after create a new Individual Record
  • Backend edit Records: Get errors while try to create Group Record
  • Can not link to joomla user profile
  • Got notice error on registrants page when show avatar
  • Condition link displays error on T3 blank bs2
  • Got notice error when filter event by category on frontend
  • Got warning error on user panel page
  • Got Notice: Undefined variable on category page
  • Got error when create new field with date field type
  • Shouldnt show unpublished field on profile page
  • Got blank popup when save mass email template
  • Got Deprecated error when enable dt jevent update plugin
  • Got error when click to map events
  • Email tag should be displayed on popup
  • Issue with DT AcyMailing Subscriber plugin
  • Cant save dt register acymailing plugin
  • Cant show secure code on event registration page after enable plg dt register google cal export
  • [addon] Got warning error in dtreg mailchimp plugin
  • [addon] Got Deprecated error when enable dt myscript plugin
  • [addon] Cant checkout when using dt register mailchimp plugin
  • Duplicate event when created by sync jevent
  • [addon] Cant subscribe to newsletter
  • [addon] DT Register Acymailing plg is missing language
  • [addon] Cant save multi lists in dt register acymailing plugin
  • [addon] Error on event page when enable DT Register ICS Import Plugin
  • Got warning and notice error when save jevent in register
  • Menu type category list of events not filtered by category

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