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Last week we released preview for DT Register with major changes, new features and Improvements. We got good feedback plus bug reports from user and today we would like to announce an update for DT Register Preview version with more improvements and 30+ bug fixes.

DT Register updated for bug fixes

Release Changelog:

  • Should restyle search module on bootstrap2 template
  • Jomsocial - Should restyle Registerd events tab on jomsocial page
  • Front-end: Code error when Register
  • Front-end: Get code error on Individual Register
  • [Sponsors],[Speaker] Should not allow to save setting without any content
  • Backend: category manager: Can't select color
  • Backend: Categorymanager: Edit Category: missing the square
  • backend: Event Manager: get code error on Event list
  • Backend: Event detail: Event Details Article doesn't work properly
  • Backend: Field Manager: need to add more notice for required fields
  • Should remove intergrate with community builder if it's not installed
  • Backend: Edit Email Registration: Get JS Error after Saving
  • Backend: Themes: show the code error & JS error
  • Backend: Category Manager: should have message warning before delete
  • Front-end: Location: Image upload field doesn't show
  • Backend - Event: Select user should not be a value
  • Error when trying to pay via eWay plugin
  • Lightbox Location still Notice error
  • External css file not getting linked by default
  • Got notice error when create new an event
  • User panel message shouldnt show on event detail page
  • Problem Calendar
  • Backend - Event: Show duplicate category and can not select article
  • Get Code error on DT Cart Module
  • Not show Details button on new event which has created
  • Got error page when using detail link to Jevent sync
  • Details button cant link to detail article
  • Front-end: can't complete the Paymant
  • Backend: Payment Option & Mass email can't view
  • [Install] Got warning error when install component with php7.2
  • [Theme] Got warning error on theme settings page
  • Registration Records
  • [Frontend] Edit registration record is redirected to wrong link
  • Should restyle No button on event settings page
  • Maximum Number of Events for Car doesnt work correctly
  • Button color is not changed as setting
  • [Backend] Got notice error in event detail page
  • Default theme be marked as default on installation
  • News section expanded by default


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Whats next?

More updates, improvements, new features will be released in upcoming versions.