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Preview release of DT Register - one of best Joomla event registration extension with following new features and major updates is available for download. In terms of features, DT Register has always been on the lead but from UI/UX point of view there is lots that can be improved and that's what we did. Please go through the important changes that have been made to DT Register to extend its scope as well as design and theme updates.

DT Register older backend

Note: this preview release is for testing purpose, DO NOT use it for your project.

New features in the preview release:

  1. Component level Event views now available.
  2. Themes now available
  3. Backend UI / UX revamp
  4. Introducing Agenda / schedule feature
  5. Introducing Speakers feature
  6. Introducing Sponsors feature
  7. Rewritten base theme with major UI / UX improvements

DT Register preview sneak peak:

1. Before and after images: Back-end

Back-end before

Dt Register older backend

Improved back-end after - clean and more friendly

Dt Register new backend

2. Before and after images: Front-end

2.1 Event List page

Event List page before

Dt Register older event page

Event List page with better style

Dt Register new event page

2.2 Event Details page

Dt Register new event page

2.3 Event Registration page

Event registration before

Dt Register old event registration page

Event registration After

Dt Register old event registration page

3. Event Calendar

Event Calender after

Dt Register old event calender page

Event Calender after

Dt Register new event calender page

4. Agenda

The section is to add agenda for an event, the agenda info includes start time, end time, title and description

Dt Register new Agenda page

Dt Register new agenda page

5. Speaker

The section is to add speakers for an event. Speaker info includes speaker name, images and description

Dt Register new speaker page

Dt Register new speaker page

6. Sponsors

The section is to add sponsors for an event, it includes sponsor name, images and description

Dt Register new sponsors page

Dt Register new sponsors page

7. Theme settings

Dt Register new theme

8. Event location now supports Google Map

Dt Register event location

DT Register Roadmap:

Please check out detail roadmap of DT Register from this link:

More important information:

1. DTH users are migrated to our unified system

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  • Raise a ticket in our new HelpDesk
  • Start a conversation in our chat system (right bottom). Please provide details.
  • Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Pricing update to include removal of domain limits, new plans, unlimited support

All DT Register payment plugins that’s worth $225 are now FREE for DT Register users.

3. Upcoming themes and templates release:

We plan to make 4 themes and fully support the DT Register extension on 4 JoomlArt Joomla templates, all will be free with DT Register users.


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Existing DTH users have been migrated to new system and they can use their existing username / password to continue to download section.

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Whats next?

More updates, improvements, new features will be released in upcoming versions.