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DT Register joomla event registration alpha released

DT Register 4.0 is a major release with new features, core improvements, workflow updates and bug fixes, some have been presented in the preview 1 and preview 2 releases. Today we would like to announce DT Register 4.0 preview 3 release update with 2 new themes and 30+ bug fixes.

2 new themes released

DT Register 4.0 supports theme feature that allows user to install the theme they prefer. Each theme will not only have different theme color but also style and layout.

As planned, the team will release 4 new themes and support DT Register in 4 JoomlArt Joomla templates.

Today we release an alpha version of 2 new themes: Grid theme and List theme.

Note: This is just alpha release, there can be more improvements in stable release.

Grid theme

DT Register Grid Theme - Event List

DT Register grid theme event list

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DT Register Grid Theme - Event Details

DT Register grid theme event details

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DT Register Grid Theme - Calendar Page

DT Register grid theme calendar page

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List theme

DT Register List Theme - Event List

DT Register list theme event list

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DT Register List Theme - Calendar page

DT Register list theme calendar page

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How to install and set default theme?

1. Install DT Register new theme

  • Download DT Register theme from DT Register preview download page
  • Accesss your site back-end, go to: Components > DT Register > Themes

DT Register grid theme

2. Set new installed theme as default

DT Register default theme configuration

Bug fixes:

  • Missing language in Agenda, Sponsors, Speakers settings
  • Backend: Duplicate Category list setting
  • Maximum Number of Events for Car doesnt work correctly
  • Still allow to register when there is no space
  • Missing language
  • Missing language on dt theme page
  • Should not show value at the bottom after saving sponsor, agenda, speaker
  • Location image max width, height dont work property
  • [theme] Should update theme documentation link
  • Should add more spacing between moderator and category on event listing page
  • Missing themes option in the menu
  • Should change icon on theme page
  • Missing language on event detail page
  • [frontend] Update filter field on records page
  • Got css erorr when enable Allow Tax Exempt Registrations
  • Should not require to enter agenda, sponsors and speakers for an event
  • Missing language on event detail link
  • Can not cancel creating new field
  • Some options are inactived on create new field page
  • Security flaw - administrator options publicly available
  • User cant receive attached file from sender
  • Image folder is broken when upload attachment
  • Missing style on create new reminder email
  • Got error when view mass email records
  • Should realign full button on event list page
  • Got error after checkout to register an event without loggin
  • Got error when saving new location
  • Improvement : Should not create new folder after install new version dt theme package

Upcoming features:

Right now, we are integrating DT Invoice to DT Register, it would be ready in next update release.


Please check out detail roadmap of DT Register from this link:


DT Register preview release is FREE for download, it is for testing purpose, please do not use it for your project.

Download Preview version (free) More Details