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DT Register joomla event registration beta released

Today we would like to announce DT Register 4.0 Beta update for new feature of DT Invoice extension integration as built-in function at core and 30+ bug fixes. DT Register 4.0 is a major release with new features, core improvements, workflow updates.

DT Invoice integration

What is DT Invoice ?

DT Invoice is powerful invoice Joomla extension allows you to create and manage client invoices and accept online payments. You create an invoice including item details, product descriptions, payment terms, etc and assign it to a user with a set due date. Check out more info about DT Invoice HERE

How DT Invoice is integrated?

DT Invoice is integrated as a built-in function in DT Register to help admin manage invoices (add new, edit or delete invoices). For user, they can view their registerred events and download invoice in the user panel page.

DT invoice joomla invoice extension

For admin, they can manage invoice from back-end: Components > DT Register > Invoices. All invoices will be listed.

event list

Lots of functions on the function bar to help admin manage invoice easier.

invoice management

1. Create / edit invoice

create new invoice

2. Export and import invoices

Admin can select to export all or specific invoices and select fields to be exported. The export file is in .csv format.

export invoices

To import invoice, access the Import panel and select .csv file to import.

export invoices

3. Send invoice email to users

Select invoices and hit the button "Email", it will send invoice to corresponding user's email.

send invoice to user

4. Other functions:

  • Delete invoice: select invoices and hit the "Delete" button
  • Archive invoice: select invoices and hit the "Archive" button

What is pending?

We are working to add Invoice menu in the control panel of administrator will all functions for admin to manage invoices in front-end just like in back-end.

Release changelog:

  • MIssing language on share popup
  • Should restyle share email popup
  • [Backend] Cant cancel adding a member of group
  • [Frontend] Available email tags are not loaded on popup
  • Translation missing on event details tab setting
  • [Frontend] Anyone can edit my registration with url
  • [Backend] Still got barcode in the email although it's disabled already in the setting
  • [Backend] Should support sort the event by click on column title
  • [Backend] Got error when add more member in a group
  • [invoice] Amount due on invoice pdf file is not correct
  • [Frontend] Got error when change record item
  • [invoice] Should update invoice file name after download
  • [invoice] Missing some information on invoice pdf
  • [invoice] Missing item name
  • [Frontend] Calendar displays error on laptop screen
  • [Backend] Should realign search box on event list page
  • Something is wrong on create new record page
  • Realign userid field on permission page
  • [Frontend] Restyle filter box on record page
  • [Invoice] Redirect wrong url when click on Back button
  • [invoice] missing language when import invoice file
  • Incomplete status is missing language on user panel
  • [Invoice] Missing style and language on invoices page
  • Should have mark fields on create new event page
  • Missing language in global configuration
  • [invoice] Email button doesnt work on invoices page
  • [invoice] Should validate selected file before import
  • [invoice] Cant import invoice
  • Support Send mail and Share button in Event Detail
  • [Invoice] Got JText error on import invoice page
  • [Invoice] Missing some buttons icon on invoices page
  • [Invoice] Got message error create new invoice menu page
  • [Invoice] Missing language in invoice menu
  • [invoice] Cant download pdf invoice
  • [Invoice] Cant save invoice detail page
  • Should be Save button only, not Save and Close on Configuration page
  • Should not show Register button when registration date is not started yet
  • Got css error when change image button to text link

Upcoming features:

Please check out detail roadmap of DT Register from this link:


DT Register 4.0 preview release is FREE for download, it is for testing purpose, please do not use it for your project.

Download Preview version (free) More Details