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DT donate  Joomla donation extension

Today we are so happy with lots of major releases for our products. Firstly, after 2 months of development with multiple previews and alpha releases, DT Register Joomla stable is now available for download with many new features and major updates.

We are also releasing DT Donate 4.0 preview that includes following new features::

New features in the preview release:

  1. Campaign management.
  2. Theme and template function
  3. Develop new payment gateway plugin that will support 40+popular gateways
  4. Add more modules
  5. Front-end style and layout improvements
  6. Back-end layout and mockup update

Note: this preview release is for testing purpose, DO NOT use it for your project.

DT Donate 4.0 preview sneak peak:

1. Campaign List view

The page will display the list of donation campaign from 1 or multiple categories.

DT donate Joomla donation extension campaign list page

2. Campaign Detail page

The page shows detail information of a single campaign.

DT donate Joomla donation extension campaign page

3. Campaign management

  • Campaign category
  • Campaign management

DT donate Joomla donation extension campaign manager

4. 40+ payment gateways

The new version of DT Donate is integrated with our new payment gateways plugin - JA Payment Gateway. The plugin uses Omnipay version 2 (as version 3 is still in beta), one of the most popular payment processing library. View all supported payment gateways of Omnipay version 2 here:

The new payment gateway plugin is in process of development. In this preview release, it supports 4 most popular gateways:

  • Stripe,
  • Paypal,
  • Authorize Net
  • and Two Checkout.

More gateways will be supported in upcoming releases.

Joomla donation extension DT Donate Payment gateways

5. 2 New modules

  • Latest Donors: show the latest donors
  • Campaign List: show list of campaigns from specific categories with multiple ordering settings.

6. Theme and template feature

Besides features, design for the extension will be improved to make the front-end fantastic and ready-to-use.

The extension will support multiple themes by default. The theme will come with the different color theme and layout structure. You can install themes via the theme management page in back-end and set any theme as default.

Joomla donation extension DT Donate Theme Settings

7. Back-end style improvements

The back-end now follows the Joomla style and is more user friendly.

Joomla donation extension DT Donate admin improvements


  • Support more payment gateways on new Payment gateway plugin
  • Develop more themes
  • Support DT Donate in Joomla templates
  • Support more currencies

Download Preview version (free)