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joomla event registration DT Register update


This week, we are releasing an update for Joomla events registration extension - DT Register version 4.0.5 with image gallery new feature, Google reCAPTCHA support in event registration form, improvements and bug fixes.

DT Register 4.0.5 new features:

1. Event image gallery

DT Register Joomla events registration extension new version now supports images gallery feature that helps admin to create beautiful image gallery for each event.

joomla event booking image gallery

To add image gallery for an event, open the event editing panel and go to the Gallery tab then add image gallery for the event.

joomla event booking image gallery settings

2. reCAPTCHA integration in event registration form

The Joomla event booking extension DT Register now supports Google reCAPTCHA on Event Registration form. This will be very helpful in preventing spam.

joomla event booking recaptcha integration

To enable the Recaptcha in event registration form, please follow the 2 simple steps below:

Step 1: enable CAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA plugin

Go to Extensions > Plugins and find the CAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA plugin, enable and add Google Recaptcha key. You can register the key from HERE.

joomla event booking recaptcha configuration

joomla event booking recaptcha

3. Show registrant number in event management page in back-end

We added 1 more column to show event registration number on the Events management page in back-end so admin can see how many registrations each event got.

joomla event registration report

DT Register Joomla events registration 4.0.5 improvements and bug fixes:

The new version also come with multiple improvements and bug fixes reported from users.

1. Improvements:

  • Month and year filter should be get from database, should not be a fixed value
  • Improve search function on attendee page

2. And bug fixes:

  • Location not showing properly in event listing
  • You have an error in your SQL syntax - Error being shown on front-end with Menu type selection - com_dtregister ยป Event Management Community builder profile page is too small when using bs3 template
  • Records: Problem with Show/Hide Archives function

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