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This week, we are releasing an update for Joomla event registration extension - DT Register version 4.0.3 with fully support for JA Conf and JA Event II Joomla templates. The new version also comes with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

DT Register 4.0.3 is fully supported in JA Conf and JA Events II templates

As stated in DT Register 4.0 roadmap, the Joomla event registration extension will native support in atleast 4 JoomlArt / Gavick templates. Today, we released DT 4.0.3 to be fully supported in 2 JoomlArt events Joomla template: JA Conf and JA Events II.

Note: Those templates are FREE for DT Register users. You can download the templates in the download page of DT Register 4

DT Register in JA Conf template:

joomla event booking template JA Conf

View Demo →

DT Register in JA Events II template:

joomla event registration template JA Events II

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DT Register 4.0.3 changelog details:


  • Add login link in Event Registration page
  • Improvements on CSV export page
  • Update description for category list of events menu type
  • [addon] Improvement for Import from ICS file popup
  • Should show full content on event detail page
  • Missing required fields on create new discount code
  • No usage of sorting bar on Invoice page
  • Should show all results when clear filter
  • Option to disable timings/remove seconds/change to hours only/change time format in configuration -> Event listing -> show event timing
  • Should add more option "Use Global" in event detail settings

And bug fixes:

  • Missing time picker icon on create new event page
  • Guest can view event management page
  • [addon] Got warning error in DT Register ACYMailing Subscriber plugin when not installed ACYmailing component
  • Got warning error on event detail page if there is no full description in event detail page
  • Got notice error when register a group with 3 member
  • Got error when open Event management menu
  • Got syntax error when click on CSV export
  • Location link is not working on attendee page
  • Got error when view an event detail on the frontend

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