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DT sms Joomla automate sms extension

DT SMS is a powerful Joomla SMS extension designed to automate SMS messaging with Joomla-based applications and users with smartphones/tablets. DT SMS can enable your Joomla installation to behave like a smart device by sending and receiving SMS messages, but unlike smart devices, it is designed to scale up and support high volume messaging. DT SMS supports 2 most popular SMS provides: Twilio’s gateway and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

The Joomla automate SMS messaging extension DT SMS 2.0 comes with new features:

  1. Supports Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  2. Supports two factor
  3. Back-end UI (user interface) improvements
  4. Codebase optimization

Note: this preview release is for testing purpose, DO NOT use it for your project.

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joomla event registration DT Register update


As stated in roadmap, DT Register 4.0 will have 4 themes by default with different layout, color theme and style. Before, we released Grid theme and List theme, today, we are releasing 3 more themes: Grid 2, Linear and Retro theme.

We also rebuild our quickstart package with JA Platon Joomla template with all themes included and demo data. This will help you to replicate our demo site in easy way and can help you quickly build an event booking website.

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