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DT sms Joomla automate sms extension

Last week, we released preview for DT SMS 2.0 with major updates and Amazon SNS support. Today, we are releasing DT SMS 2.0 Beta with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

DT SMS 2.0 powerful Joomla SMS extension:

DT SMS is a powerful SMS messaging Joomla-based applications. DT SMS can enable your Joomla installation to behave like a smart device by sending and receiving SMS messages, but unlike smart devices, it is designed to scale up and support high volume messaging. DT SMS supports 2 most popular SMS provides: Twilio’s gateway and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

Note: this preview release is for testing purpose, DO NOT use it for your project.

DT SMS 2.0 Beta release details:

New feature:

  1. Message send test: content doesn't change corresponding username


  1. SMS List: What will happen to Recipient after it been removed from List
  2. Improvement on list page

Bug fixes:

  1. Message send test: content doesn't change corresponding username
  2. Message send test: User list should load follow SMS List
  3. Template SMS: disable temp but still show when choosen on SMS Detal
  4. Users list is on the popup inconsistently
  5. Get error when uninstall
  6. Plugin Test Gateway: Must validate for Email input
  7. Plg Joomla Activity Monitor: No mail sent after admin edit User Group
  8. Plg Joomla Activity Monitor: need to change the word in Email Profile edit
  9. Plg SMS Joomla Activity Monitor : losing settings after save changes
  10. Get error Missing or invalid default region in Config setting
  11. SMS Messener: get code error when try to Send Now
  12. Reply Setting: only show input when choose words in Message body
  13. Reply Message: special characters are truncated in Message History
  14. Reply Setting: Detect words in Message doesn't work
  15. Reply: Reply back to wrong number
  16. Reply: Only unsubscribe from one List
  17. Reply: can't subscribe to new List
  18. Can't save Message History if clear all History
  19. Reply Setting: Sender Phone Number input appear when saving with Words in Message Body
  20. Reply Setting: must validate for Sender Phone Number and Contains Word(s)

Download DT SMS 2.0 Beta version