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Stay informed with the latest news from DTH Development!  Here you can find all updates regarding new extension releases, bug fixes, feature updates, and more.

dtregister_logo100.jpgWe have now released version 2.2.3 of the popular DT Register component.  This is simply a bug release addressing various issues that affected some users.  If you are using version 2.2.2 and have no issues, then you do not need to upgrade.  You can wait for the soon-coming feature release that will be a vast improvement.  If you are having any issues at all, you should upgrade now. 

Some of the fixes include...

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dtdonate_logo100.jpgA new version of DT Donate is finally here.  For the most part, this is a bug release.  Some of the bugs that were addressed include:
- Itemid issue causing frontpage modules to remain when going to the component pages.
- J!1.5 fatal errors with in some configurations

Also we have modified the donation type setting so you can now have BOTH user-input donations AND admin pre-set donations.  You can have one or the other, or BOTH!

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dtregister_logo100.jpgWe have released the latest DT Register component, version 2.2.2!  This is a big release as it includes a number of bug fixes but also has some nice new features added.  Bug fixes include items such as: CSV export including custom field data, issues with subdirectory Joomla installations, issues with core Joomla SEF and more!

The new features include...

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dtregister_logo100.jpgWe have released a new build of DT Register 2.2.1 addressing a few bugs in the new release.  The main items addressed are:

  • Payment Option issues
  • CSV export problems
  • Itemid issues
  • Event list alignment

A full release with more improvements will be out later this week so stay tuned!


This is a MASSIVE release with more new enhancements than any previous update!  The new 2.2.0 currently is for Joomla 1.0.x only.  For the 1.5 details, see further down the page.  At the same time of working on 1.5 developments, we have added a large list of new features, mostly coming from our user's requests!  Here is some of what you will now find:

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