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This is a MASSIVE release with more new enhancements than any previous update!  The new 2.2.0 currently is for Joomla 1.0.x only.  For the 1.5 details, see further down the page.  At the same time of working on 1.5 developments, we have added a large list of new features, mostly coming from our user's requests!  Here is some of what you will now find:

  • New "Pay Later" option!  This can be configured to give options for:  Call-in Payment, Mail-in Payment, and Pay at the Door.  When users take this route, they can register for your paid event online, but not be required to make the payment right then.
  • Ability to manually input new registrations.  Now for those registrations that you still get in the mail or some other avenue, you can manually enter them into your DT Register records so all registrations are together in one place and your online numbers that show the number of registrants is accurate.
  • New Cut-Off Date function.  You can set a date after which new registrations are no longer allowed.  Users are given a message (customizable) telling them the event is closed to new registrations.
  • Individual/Group Registration setting is no longer a global setting, but is applied to each event separately! 
  • Instructions/Message at the top of the form is no longer a global item, but is configurable for each event.  This allows you to add text that applies only to that specific event! 
  • Member discount function is no longer a global item but able to be specified for each event. 
  • Ability to select which fields you wish to be marked as required.
  • Group Registrations now can collect more data than just name/email for each member. You customize and select which fields (including custom fields) that you want to collect info on for EACH member in a group.
  • New Confirmation Page added at the end of every registration that summarizes all data entered by the user and shows the final price for paid events.
  • Ability to have addon pay items for free events! 
  • NEW MAMBOT included that enables you to insert a "Click Here to Register" link to any of your content items!
  • NEW Community Builder PLUGIN included that gives you an optional CB plugin for adding a new tab to the user profile that shows a list of events that user is registered for.
  • More organized backend and settings area 
  • call_time_pass_by_reference issue resolved along with other various bug fixes. 
  • All text in frontend and backend are now in the language file for easier editing and increased ability for implementing new languages.

Login to your account and download this upgrade today! If you haven't purchased it yet, then what are you waiting for?!   There are MANY changes to the database structure as well as the configuration file, so you will have to uninstall then reinstall the new version.  You will NOT lose any current records or event setups, although it is always a good idea to backup your data prior to making any updates to it.  Also, as your configuration file will be copied over, you should copy your current settings somewhere so you can paste them back in without much trouble.


If you have an ongoing support ticket with DT Register, please download the updated 2.2.0 version and install it.  Then please let us know if your problem persists or not by posting a comment to your ticket. 

So... When is DT Register going to support Joomla 1.5??

  • If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that lately.... :)   WE ARE RELEASING OUR 1.5 BETA VERSION NOW!  The current DT Register for Joomla 1.5 is based on the 2.1.4 version of DT Register.  We have done limited  testing on it, but so far, it is looking good.
  • We decided to go ahead and get this version released THEN add all of the new functionality of the new 2.2.0 version.  We hope to have the 2.2.0 version ready in 1-2 weeks!  However you can now go ahead and use this awesome component in Joomla 1.5!
  • For 1.5 use, be sure to get the JEvents 1.5 version.  It is an Alpha release but works fine for the limited amount of JEvents that DT Register actually uses.

We apologize for the long wait on the new DT Register enhancements.  We have experienced many delays and have been trying hard to get these items out.  DT Register is now better than ever!  Thanks for your continued support of DTH Development!

Get the new DT Register today!