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Product updates and more

dtregister_logo100.jpgWe have released the latest DT Register component, version 2.2.2!  This is a big release as it includes a number of bug fixes but also has some nice new features added.  Bug fixes include items such as: CSV export including custom field data, issues with subdirectory Joomla installations, issues with core Joomla SEF and more!

The new features include...

  • Joomla 1.5 Legacy Mode support
  • Added ability in admin to mark Pay Later registrations as Paid or Unpaid.
  • Default Currency setting now also affects Pay Later registrations as well as PayPal.  This is not needed for registrations as that payment gateway is for US/Canada users mainly.
  • Ability to mark with form fields are Shown or Hidden as well as marking them as required or not.
  • Added DATE field option in the Custom Fields management.
  • Duplicate registrations are now prevented.
  • All configuration settings are now moved to the database so future upgrades will be even easier!
  • To upgrade your current DT Registration installation, login to your account, go to My Orders and click the Download link.  UNZIP the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the included ReadMe file.