News and Updates

Product updates and more

Well, we have made more enhancements to this popular component.  A couple minor bug fixes are also included, but this is mostly new feature additions.  Most of the new features are based on your requests so here is what you've got now...

  • Mass Email to all registrants of an Event - Select an event from the dropdown and create a HTML email (using the WYSIWYG editor) and send it to all of the current registrants of the selected event.  Use this for reminders, notifications or whatever else you need!
  • CAPTCHA Security Images - there is now an option to turn these on or off.  They only apply to non-payment forms which include the Free Event form and Waiting List form.
  • Default PayPal Currency - you can now select your default currency for use with PayPal.  It changes the $ symbol in the pre-paypal form as well as on the PayPal site.
  • Fee Field options - now you can have a custom field option value affect the registration cost!  Optionally, set a $ value on each option of your dropdown, checkbox or radio buttons.  The value can be a positive OR negative number, or just 0 for now cost change.  This enables you to have multiple pay options for one event (example:  member rate, student rate, weekend rate, discounts, etc)
  • New Line option - now for radio buttons and checkboxes, you can set that custom field to show each option on a new line instead of just showing left to right.
  • Selection filter for Records - On the display of registration records, use this event selection to see records from only one specific event.
  • More helpful labels, instructions and tooltips in the backend.

Many of these changes required database changes, so an actual uninstall and reinstall is required if you are already using the component.  We hope you enjoy the work we've done to make this component even better.  Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions!