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Product updates and more

You asked for it... you got it!  We have released DT Donate 2.1.2 and DT Register 2.1.3 and both now have Community Builder integration!  Also, DT Register now supports maximum event capacity and a waiting list.

DT Register changes:
Upon install of the component, new fields are created for CB (if it is already installed).  The new fields are used because this integration does not only auto-populate the user's contact information, it includes a checkbox for users to choose if they want to store their payment information.  If they do, then credit card and/or bank account info is stored in the database.  The data is encrypted for security purposes.  Then when they login and go to a registration form in the future, their payment details will also auto-populate.

ALSO, this new release incorporates a new event capacity and waiting list feature.  You can now set a capacity for each event (or unlimited).  Once the capacity has been reached, a user is taken to a page with a "event full" message and a Waiting List form to fill out if they desire.  If they do, admin receives an email notification of the waiting list addition and a record is added to the new Waiting List record page in the backend.

DT Donate changes:
CB integration works the same as in DT Register, but there is an additional feature in a CB plugin.  If you install this plugin, your user profile will have a new tab for "Donation History".  The data is only viewable by the owner of the profile.

Both components also had a few miscellaneous fixes and improvements.  Thanks for your continued support!