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Joomla event registration extension released

After 2 preview versions released, DT Register 4.2 stable version is NOW available. DT Register 4.2 is major update version to simplify the checkout process and improve the event checkout workflow by introducing completely new One page checkout. This major release also includes bug fixes for payment gateways and other reported issues from users.

Introducing One page checkout:

All steps of event registration and checkout will be processed in the one page checkout. With new concept and simplied workflow, the checkout becomes much easier to user on desktop and responsive layouts.

Joomla responsive event registration extension

Step 1: Select registration type

Joomla event registration type selection

The first screen is registration type selection if the event is configured to be available for both Individual and Group registration. In case the event is configured for one type only (invidual or group), this step will be auto proceeded.

Step 2: Registration details

Full fill the registration details.

Joomla event group booking

Step 3: Billing Info (for group registration)

Update info for billing. The form can auto get info from:

  • If not login, it will load info of the first member.
  • If login, it will load info from user's profile.

And user can update the info if they want.

joomla events registration billing

Step 4: Cart details

This tab will show overview of user's cart details. User can add deposit in this step if the event allows deposit payment.

joomla event booking cart details

Step 5: Make payment

User can select prefer payment gateway to pay with.

joomla event registration checkout

Multiple events checkout

User can register and checkout multiple events at the same time.

joomla multiple events booking

My Cart module

The cart module will show user's added events to register.

joomla events booking cart

Payment process simplified and more secured

When user select a payment gateway to pay, it will loads the payment screen from the gateway. Each gateway will require specific information. To keep it secured, the system will not store any information related to user's payment info, the required info is all from the gateway.

joomla event booking checkout

And a lots more included in this major update:

New feature and improvements:

  • Add more filter in Records view
  • Support order invoice by latest invoice
  • Show event name on edit registration and cancel registration page

Bug fixes

  • [addon] Got warning error and realign fields in Mapping tool
  • Checkout form shows info from other registrants
  • Issue with 3rd level conditional fields
  • Profile sync with Community Builder
  • Problem with Attendees page
  • Moneris payment gateway
  • Issue with DT Invoice plugin
  • Make auto change from Wating to Pending status when previous registration cancelled
  • Can't upload image when creating event from frontend
  • Should realign price and text after add coupon code
  • Got 1064 error when checkout with multiple events in cart
  • Cant load user profile on registration page
  • Display wrong message when edit individual registration
  • Got notice error on edit registration page
  • Need style for gallery in backend and frontend
  • Appears Add more member button after editing another member
  • Still allow register to exceed the allowed amount
  • Register for 3 members but only charge for 2 members
  • Retro theme: "View My Cart" button need more styled
  • Minor bug on Registration type step
  • Cant show Group Size warning on group registration anymore
  • Backend: Shouldn't allow selecting prerequisite event is itself
  • Should remove tag p on sharing box
  • "Show Group size warning" parameter does not work
  • Problem with Discount Code title
  • Registration Cost: Add more minus sign before the discount amount
  • Duplicate option in Event Listing configuration
  • Got Notice error on list view
  • Invisible captcha is not supported
  • Problem when using multi-currency
  • Default member discount does not work
  • Cant register 2 events at the same time
  • Group size warning is hidden after member1 added
  • Font size should be smaller on Joomla default template
  • Cart table displays error on iphone
  • Need style event registration table on iphone
  • Grid-2 theme: Problem with currency
  • Registration form: Event title should be smaller
  • IPhone: Billing and Invoice table need more styled
  • Problem with fee when edit registration
  • Grid-2 theme: Got css error on Mini Calendar module
  • Linear theme: Problem with event title
  • Registration form need more styled
  • Can't hide google map link on event list

JA Payment plugin 1.1.2 changelog:

  • Moneris payment gateway issue fix

Download DT Register 4.2 Joomla events booking extension

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