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Joomla event registration extension beta version released

DT Register 4.2 is major update version with core feature: One page checkout to simplify the checkout process and improve the event checkout workflow. One Page Checkout is to gather the information, complete the event registration and pay as quickly as possible.

Last week, we released Preview version, today, we are releasing DT Register 4.2 Beta with improvements for One page checkout, payment gateway issues fixes and more bug fixes.

Important notes:

1. This is Beta version, we recommend not to use it for your live site.

2. Moneris payment gateway issue will be fixed soon.

Improvements of One page checkout:

1. User interface improvements

Compared to Preview version, we improved style and structure for the one page checkout to make it even more friendly with users.

event registration onepage checkout ui improvements

2. Group registration process improvements

We changed the layout structure and workflow for the group registration, the new group registration page includes 3 main sections:

  • Add member panel: add member details
  • Registration cost: show cost details based on what is submited (how many member, discount ...)
  • Members section: list of members added, you can edit or delete the members.

event registration group registration

We also moved the Billing panel to one saperate panel so register can update billing info easier.

event registration group registration billing

3. Simply the payment process when only one payment gateway enabled

When there is one payment gateway enabled, user don't have to take the payment gateway selection, its auto show the payment panel when user click on the "Checkout" button in the Cart Details page.

event registration checkout

Guest event registration

The feature is added back in the DT Register 4.2 Beta. For events with status set to Public can be registered by guests, users don't need to login or signup to register those events.

guest event registration checkout

Bug fixes:

  • Can't show full days of a month on calendar page
  • Group Registration: Can't apply Partial Payment Amounts for each member
  • Cant show event on the list when select root category
  • Default theme need more styled
  • Support 'Datetime' custom field
  • Got problem on billing and invoice page when edit registration
  • Invoice: Missing Tax
  • Got 1064 error when checkout with no item in the cart
  • Cannot uninstall themes
  • Changing themes has no effect on the front-end
  • Fields: Change the save function to ajax
  • Field: Wrong title bar
  • Field: Can't remove Conditional Field
  • Conditional field doesn't work with 'Textual' field type
  • Missing language when cancellation and returning from Paypal
  • Problem with Attendees page
  • Frontend: Conditional field is hidden when click on it
  • Got error on List of Events menu
  • Field: Got problem when change field type to upload
  • Registration cost section need more styled
  • Got code error with Datetime field
  • Group registration: Notice error when adding the second member
  • Onepagetab need more styled
  • Notice error when using a valid discount code
  • Notice error when Pay one's dues
  • Group registration: Warning message when go to the billing step
  • Group Registration: There are some problem when add member
  • Render error page when click on "View My Cart" button
  • Wrong status with Paid registration
  • Problem when register with Partial payments
  • "Are you a tax exempt organization?" parameter in the General configuration is unnecessary
  • Got notice error when enable "Early Bird Discount"
  • Simple group registration problem
  • Got error when editing a record
  • Should allow to complete group when register for only a member
  • Got error style and cant load infor when edit registration from Cart detail
  • Alway mark red fields on billing page after click on Complete group
  • Can't see paylater method when pay one's due
  • Field - Textarea: Can't show Character Count
  • Cant show instruction message on registration form
  • Fields is not ordered on profile page
  • Need remove "Per Member" text on individual registration
  • Got error when change field type
  • Charater count need more styled
  • Group registration: Problem with Complete button
  • Group registration: Can't integrate User Profile
  • Remove Instruction message on the event detail
  • Render to event list page when renew Captcha
  • Got 1064 error when clear My Cart page
  • Group registration: Captcha box displaying too long
  • Birthday field should be displayed in a row
  • Item name should be changed to Member name
  • Should redirect to event list page after remove item from cart
  • "Add Member" button should be hidden when event limit reached
  • Wrong paid status with waiting registration
  • Waiting event: Duplicate message
  • Group registration: Auto add more member
  • Moneris payment gateway
  • Group registration: Appearance a new member form for 1s before hidden
  • Reorder registration cost
  • Got error in Invoice setting

JA Payment plugin 1.1.0 changelog:

  • Can't see paylater method when pay one's due
  • Got problem on billing and invoice page when edit registration
  • Moneris payment gateway issue

Important note:

JA Payment plugin 1.1.0 is updated for DT Register 4.2 only, it is not yet compatible with lower version of DT Register and DT Donate so we recommend not to update for your live site.

Download DT Register 4.2 Beta Live Demo