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joomla event registration DT Register update


last Month we released Major release for Joomla events registration extension - DT Register for simplify the checkout process and improve the event checkout workflow by introducing completely new One page checkout. Today we releasing DT Register 4.2.1 for 25+ improvements and bug fixes..

DT Register 4.2.1 changelog:


  • Add placeholder for input text field
  • CSV: User type should be clear

Bug fixes

  • Missing language when cancellation and returning from Paypal
  • Got minor error when load registration page
  • Cant download invoice which is not paid
  • Backend: Event detail article setting does not work
  • Can't show Timezones on list view, calendar view pages
  • Discount Code Limit Counting" parameter should be moved into Discount code setting
  • User Panel: Can't sort record by Item Price
  • View Only Profile Data" parameter does not work
  • Auto back theme default when editing registration
  • Fields ordering is different in Field management and Record view
  • Reverting article link
  • Backend: Registrations does not work
  • New line for checkboxes , radio feature
  • Mailchimp plugin integration
  • Email Breaking Fields
  • Group registration: Problem with checkbox field
  • Got warning error on Cart Detail step
  • Backend: An error has occurred when creating a new discount code
  • Registration form: Timezone need more styled
  • Record: Can't sort by event title
  • Can't install from folder URL
  • Mail chimp: Got notice error when API key is empty
  • Group/Individual registration: Got code error before page load done
  • Newsletter checkbox need more styled and reorder
  • Improve Term and Conditions option
  • Textarea working incorrectly on all theme except default

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