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DT Register - event registration for Joomla

As a result of the ongoing work to always improve DT Register and fix issues as they arise, we have now made available DT Register 3.1.8! There are a number of fixes and some various improvements to our Joomla 3.5 package. For the Joomla 2.5 series, there are no updates... as there won't be outside of a very important level of bug fix. Here's what we have for you...


Reminder: As of Joomla 3.4.7, Joomla implemented some security fixes that changed the handling of sessions. This required some changes to DT Register, which was done. This is just a note to make you aware that you can NOT use Joomla 3.4.7 or later unless you have at least version 3.1.6 of DT Register.

Also, for Joomla 2.5, remember that you must have the latest 2.5.28 AND the security hotfix they provided here in order for the latest DT Register 2.8.18 to function correctly.

NOW... on to the details of DT Register 3.1.8!


  • Added full ACL control in the "Options" button to control who has access to the entirety of DT Register within the Joomla admin control panel. For functionality within DT Register, our built-in permissions matrix still applies.
  • Added a new system plugin that installs with the main DT Register package. This is required and allows the image/file selection within event and location setups to function better. The main improvement is to address the limitation some had where they could only select images, and couldn't access other file types for email attachments. Also, the recent bug with continual refreshing of the image selection window is fixed.
  • Fixed issues related to the limiation settings of discount code usage.
  • Fixed issue where discount code usage by group members was only being stored by the first member.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't delete a group member from the listing of members on the final group billing page... and the member data was just erased, leaving an empty member.
  • Made necessary changes to some global variable uses to improve overall security and a potential PCI compliance issue.
  • Updated the Mini-Calendar Module to address an Ajax bug that could prevent it from loading.
  • Fixed a number of other miscellaneous items as they pop up!


Note that most of the view files were updated as part of one of the fixes, so if you have any template overrides in place, it is very possible that you will need to update them. Check the package and any /components/com_dtregister/views/ file that has an updated timestamp and is marked in the top of the file as 3.1.8 is one that was updated. If that is a file you have an override for, take the new file and re-apply your modifications to it. Replace your override file with your newly modified version. This fix was security related, so do not ignore this.

Where can I download these updates??

Glad you asked... Login to our site, go to My Orders. Next to your order details you will see a Download link. This link always pulls the latest package that is available. You have access to this link for one year from purchase. If your order is no longer active, you would need to make a new purchase to get any further updates. After downloading the update, be sure to follow the upgrade instructions in the readme file.

Make sure you read the docs inside of the new package and follow the instructions for upgrading!! We appreciate the support of our DTH followers and look forward to ongoing development with you all!