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Happy 9th Birthday DT Register

DT Register celebrates it's 9th Birthday TODAY! It didn't take long after making this component available to the world for it to grow and develop into the leading solution for Joomla events registration.

It surpassed the small number of other competitors in a short period of time... and has maintained since then... leading with the most flexibility, the most advanced set of features, and simply the most robust solution for Joomla! Actually, you can't find a solution even outside of Joomla that can cover the full array of functionality that DT Register brings to the table!


So as we celebrate, we've brought gifts to our own party! From now until April 29, you can get access to 9 of our paid extensions for only $99, with access to downloads for 9 months! So 9 items for 9 months for $99!

This includes our popular DT Register events registration component along with 8 other paid plugins to enhance your DT Register usage. Included items are:

  • DT Register
  • DT Register MailChimp Plugin
  • DT Register ACYMailing Plugin
  • DT Register MyScript Plugin
  • DT Register Google Calendar Export Plugin
  • DT Register ICS Import Plugin
  • DT Stripe Payment Plugin
  • DT SIM Proxy Plugin
  • DT ACL Fix Plugin

UPDATE: As this special offer has now expired, we have continued this bundled package available, but now at a regular price of $119.