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DT Register - event registration for Joomla

Joomla recently updated to 3.4.7 to address a serious security issue. The session handling was reworked as a part of this, and in turn, it caused many issues within core Joomla itself as well as many other extensions... one of which was DT Register. As the flood of messages came in about registrations no longer working, we of course jumped on it!


We have now released DT Register 3.1.6 for Joomla 3.x to address these new changes! At the same time, Joomla has quickly released another update, which is now 3.4.8. So, this issue is now resolved in two ways:

1) DT Register package upated to version 3.1.6 including a fix for these session changes. Download the updated package from My Orders. If your order is over a year old, you'll need to purchase a new license to get the updates.

2) Joomla updated to version 3.4.8 as some of the session changes included actual bugs in Joomla itself. See details and get the updated Joomla package at:

These changes from Joomla WERE security improvements, and we still wanted to make changes to sync with that, but the issue is resolved on both sides!

Thanks and from all of us at DTH Development... have a Merry Christmas!