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DT ACL Fix - Joomla system plugin

Have you experienced problems with Joomla's ACL group assignments and associated permissions not being updated in REAL TIME for a logged in user? We've got an answer for you!

Joomla natively determines a user's permissions at the time the user logs in and doesn't update those permissions while a user is logged in even if an application or an administrator has changed or even REVOKED their permissions and/or group assignments. 

Most every Joomla user has seen this issue and may not have recognized its security threat to their site. Joomla users who have membership/subscription managers and restrict access to content, downloads, etc. based on a user's group assignments have to this point told customers to log out and log in again to see their updated permissions.   

We have created a new plugin called DT ACL Fix that addresses this issue. All you have to do is install and enable it and then this ACL issue goes away! By using this plugin, a user's permissions that are changed while they are logged in take effect in REAL TIME rather than during their next log in to a Joomla site.

For a limited time, this is available for FREE to all DTH users that have an active license for DT Register, DT Donate or DT Invoice! Just go to My Orders and you'll find an added "ACL Fix" download link. For anyone else, you can purchase this plugin on our site for only $20! For more info and to purchase, CLICK HERE!

Also, we are putting together a new suite of plugins for Joomla that this plugin will eventually be a part of, so stay tuned for more!