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DT Register

We've been working hard to track down some tricky session / cart related bugs that affected certain users, and to answer that, we've released DT Register 2.7.17! This update contains a number of fixes along with other enhancements and added features. We've also added another payment gateway integration, which is Korta Web Payments (KWP), a European payment gateway. For other details of the update, see below...

FEATURES & FIXES in 1.7/2.5 version Only:

  • Added support for Korta Web Payments (KWP) as a new gateway. This gateway is based in Iceland but supports many European countries. Now available in DT Register for 2.5!
  • Added the registrant name into the cart view.
  • Added parameters for the User Panel so you can now show First Name and/or Last Name in the frontend User Panel.
  • Fixed error that showed when trying to create discount codes and using illegal characters or spaces in the name.

FEATURES & FIXES in BOTH versions for 1.5 / 1.7 / 2.5:

  • Further fixed the session issues connected to back and forth navigation during registration that would result in extra records created, problems with calculations, items being added or lost in the cart, etc. This was mostly happening to users that had the cart enabled and had users clicking the browser back button to leave the cart to edit a record further... or back go back all the way to the individual/group selection screen and switching registration types. Regardless... fixed!
  • Fixed issue where the expiration date of an Offline Credit Card paid record would not be saved after the record was edited.
  • Added an EDIT icon in the cart view next to the remove icon so users can now easily go back to edit any record that is already in the cart... and do it safely without messing up data in the session.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes / tweaks included.


As the "End of Life" for Joomla 1.5 was in April 2012, our plan for our extensions is this... we will stop adding any new features to the 1.5 versions effective immediately. This was announced last month with the previous DT Register release. Moving forward, the 1.5 versions will receive important fixes only. In the months to come, we'll hit a point where support for 1.5 versions ends completely so updating to 2.5 needs to be on your roadmap sooner rather than later.

Where can I download these updates??

Glad you asked... Login to our site, go to My Orders. Next to your order details you will see a Download link. This link always pulls the latest package that is available. You have access to this link for one year from purchase. If your order is no longer active, you would need to make a new purchase to get any further updates. After downloading the update, be sure to follow the upgrade instructions in the readme file.

Make sure you read the docs inside of the new package and follow the instructions for upgrading!! We're already working on some new features for the next release as we look towards moving beyond the 2.7.x series. More info will come as it develops. Thanks for your ongoing support!