We have just released two updated components:  DT Register 2.0.1 and DT Donate 2.0.2.  The purpose for the updates was to fix a PayPal redirection issue that some users were experiencing.  Login to your account and download the updated versions now!

DTH Development has released a new FREE extension for the new Fireboard forum component for Joomla!  The Most Popular Threads module will show your most viewed threads according to the time period customization you have set.  This module works with the latest 1.0.3 stable release of Fireboard.  Read more on the Extensions page or click here to download it now!

We have released an updated version 1.1 of the Fireboard Most Popular Threads module. This incorporates a couple small bug fixes.  Download it now from your account area.  If you already downloaded it before, simply login in and go to your already existing download link.  It will take you to the new file.

We have released a version 2.01 of DT Donate as there were a couple of bugs in the last release. You may login to your account and download the new release.

Items that were fixed in the new release:
- redirect to PayPal was hanging in Internet Explorer
- there was no option in the admin to select whether you wanted to offer one-time, recurring, or both for authorize.net transactions.  This was important because recurring donations only work if your auth.net account has ARB enabled on it.  Now, you can select to not even offer the recurring option to donators if your account does not support it.

Read more: DT Donate fixes - ver 2.01 released