News and Updates

Product updates and more

The new components from DTH Development will soon be released!  These components have developed for use with the Joomla Content Management System (CMS).  Keep watching this site for more details.

There are two components that will be released initially:

DT Donate 1.0 - This component will allow you to take online donations through your website and process the payment with your merchant account and payment gateway.  The entire process is done within your own website.  You must have a merchant account and (if you want the transactions to be secure) a SSL certificate.

DT Register 1.0 - This component allows you to take online registrations for your upcoming event, conference, etc.  You can collect the registrants information AND process their payment with credit card through your merchant account and payment gateway.  You can set different rates for individual or group registrations, setup a late fee after a set date and more!  DT Register works with the well-known Events component.  Once you have setup your event within Events, you can then setup your registration for that event.

More details are coming for both of these components.