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Product updates and more

Finally!  The new release of DT Register is here... version 2.0!  We know it's taken a while to get this out, but we hope you find it was worth the wait.  You'll find many improvements from the previous version including...

  • inclusion of PayPal as a new payment option in addition to
  • ability to turn group registrations On/Off
  • ability to set an event up for FREE registration
  • removal of "extra item / extra amount" fields
  • CSV export of registration records
  • now works without the need of DT Donate
  • easier to modify styling with CSS
  • various bug fixes
  • complete code re-write!

And, take advantage of other great features that have been part of DT Register from the beginning:

  • works with JEvents calendar component 
  • offer group registrations with discounted rates and various levels
  • set a late fee to be added automatically after a certain date

For those of you that are already using DT Register, you can simply uninstall it and then install the new version. You will not lose any of your previous registration records and event setups.  It doesn't get easier than that!  Just login to your account and download the new version from the same link you used before.

For the rest of you, buy your copy today!  CLICK HERE and take your online registration to the next level!