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Product updates and more

How can we say "Merry Christmas" to our extension users?  By informing you of the long-awaited DT Register 2.1.0 now being available!!  You've been waiting a long time for this... custom fields, member discounts, and more!  The new features that we now have implemented are...

  • Custom Fields - these fields can be regular text input boxes, textarea boxes, checkboxes, drop-down selections, or radio buttons.  Each field can be mark as Required or Not Required. 
  • Improved PayPal function - now, all user information is gathered on your site BEFORE sending them to PayPal. This insures that your records and emails include ALL the user data including organization name, comments, custom field data, etc.
  • Member Discounts - You can set either a $ dollar amount OR a percentage discount.  This will automatically be applied to your site users when they are logged in.
  • Late Fee Correction - In group registrations, the late fee now applies to each member of the group.
  • Enhanced Frontend - graphics are now included to make the user end much more attractive and user-friendly.  Also, the event name now shows at the top the registration pages.
  • Payment Descriptions - Now, instead of PayPal and showing a description of "Event Registration" for your payments, the event name is used instead to help with records for both the admin and the end user receipts.

Now, there is no reason to use ANY other Joomla extension for event registration.  DT Register is the ONLY solution that will accomplish everything that this component does.  Don't wait - get it today!