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Product updates and more

Well, the option of adding custom fields to your donation/payment forms has finally come!  Today we released the new DT Donate 2.1.0.  This release includes TONS of enhancements including better function with the PayPal payment option.  This new release includes...

  • Custom Fields - these fields can be regular text input boxes, textarea boxes, checkboxes, drop-down selections, or radio buttons.  Each field can be mark as Required or Not Required.
  • Improved PayPal function - now, all user information is gathered on your site BEFORE sending them to PayPal. This insures that your records and emails include ALL the user data including organization name, comments, custom field data, etc.
  • Specify Name/Email - Previously all emails sent out from DT Donate were sent from your global config email name and address.  Your donation notification emails also went to that address.  NOW, you can specify a name and an email address for your "thank you email" to be sent from.  You can also specify an email address to receive all admin notifications of new donations made.

Be sure to get your copy of DT Donate today!