In Default quickstart installation there are total of 3 themes to display different style.

  • Default theme: Default theme use the default layout for DT register
  • Grid theme: Default theme use the grid layout for DT register
  • List theme: Default theme use the list layout for DT register

Default theme view

dth register themes

Default theme

Grid theme view

dth register themes

Grid theme

List theme view

dth register

List theme

dth register themes configuration

Theme settings - View full image

Theme Installation

Theme can be installed via 2 ways

  • Upload theme zip in DT register
  • Upload theme folder via FTP/sFTP in DT register component

1. To install a new theme in DT Register Open Components > Dt Register > Configurations > Themes > upload the zip package.

dth register

Theme installation

2. To install via FTP kindly follow below steps

  • Download Theme from your account (Need DT Membership)
  • Unzip downloaded file on your desktop
  • Copy the folder dt_list from extracted zip
  • Paste entire folder Flat in to ROOT/components/com_dtregister/templates/ so it looks like on the image below
dth register

Manual Theme installation

Theme Customization

In DT register If you want to create your own theme or want to customize the style for existing theme, you can do this from theme files. There are two types of the folder used in DT register theme layout.

  • Style customizaion: To customize the style of a theme open /components/com_dtregister/templates/list/assets/css This folder contains all the style files used in theme.
  • Layout customization: To customize the layout for example : event page you can customize the files in /components/com_dtregister/templates/list/views this folder has all the file that are used by the theme