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Product updates and more

dtregister_logo100.jpgWe have now released version 2.2.5 of the popular DT Register component.  This is a bug release addressing various issues, but mostly affecting the issues related to GoDaddy hosted users.  All users should upgrade to make sure you have the most stable and most secure version of DT Register.

Some of the fixes include...

  • New admin parameter added for marking if you are hosted with GoDaddy. If you mark YES, then different code is used on the front of DT Register for various items.  GoDaddy hosting doesn't play well with many Joomla applications and has always been an issue for the ecommerce side of this component.  Now, instead of having to provide hacks, you just mark it in your parameters and the hacks are applied for you. 
  • Fix with member discount calculation issue
  • blank screen and java issues
  • To upgrade your current DT Register installation, login to your account, go to My Orders and click the Download link.  UNZIP the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the included ReadMe file. 

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    More updates are on the way!