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joomla event registration DT Register update


This week, we are releasing update for Joomla events registration extension - DT Register version 4.1.0 for new feature and 20+ improvements & bug fixes.

This release also contains updates for JA Payment plugin 1.0.9

DT Register 4.1.0 changelog:

New Feature:

  • Email tags static label can be include e.g tag is [TSHIRT] . [abxxxx:TSHIRT] . for dtregister


  • Support 'END DATE' tag in the email
  • Improvement for Paypal standard checkout process
  • UI flow improvement
  • Workflow when check out
  • Remove payment information tab

Bug Fixes:

  • Page number is not actived
  • Grid Theme: Layout broken on small screen
  • Issue with USAePay payment method
  • Can't open "Pay Options" in backend
  • Error with "Send Email" - Email Registrants
  • Paypal Standard payments and admintools problem
  • Payment Option Name is automation reset
  • Joomla event list pagination backward compatabilty
  • Problem with Registration page on Linear theme
  • Missing fields data while event registration form
  • Shouldn't allow create Pay option with empty Name
  • Installation issue
  • Backend: Notice error in Event detail
  • Conditional field values sometimes get lost after edit
  • Can't download invoice
  • Notice error on Registration page
  • Backend: Can't load all fields on the first time
  • Notice error when registering as part of group

JA Payment plugin 1.0.9 changelog:

  • Extension too big
  • Mollie upgrade
  • Workflow when check out

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