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This week, we are releasing update for Joomla events registration extension - DT Register version 4.0.7 with Paypal Standard payment support and 4 bug fixes.

DT Register 4.0.7 supports Paypal Standard payment gateway

Last week, we released DT Register 4.0.6 for JA Payment Gateways plugin integration to support more than 40 popular payment gateways, but Paypal standard was not included. DT Register 4.0.7 released to support this missing payment gateway.

joomla event registration DT Register

Upgrade is required:

To get Paypal standard support, you need to upgrade:

  • DT Register component version 4.0.7
  • JA Payment gateway plugin version 1.0.6

Configuration steps:

  1. Enable JA Payment gateway plugin
  2. Access Component > DT Register > Pay options
  3. Open pay option config, enable Paypal Standard, save then add Paypal account info for Paypal Standard payment gateway.

DT Register Joomla events registration 4.0.7 bug fixes:

The new version also come with several bug fixes reported from users.

  • Notice error in Record manager
  • Display On Confirmtion Page Option In Fields Does Not Work
  • Backend: Tooltip breaks form
  • Email Registrants: Missing the message's content

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