This tutorial will walk you through setting up DT Donate on your Joomla website.

Pre-requisites for using DT Donate (if using payments):

  1. You must have a merchant account for processing your own credit card transactions to take direct credit card payments.
  2. Your merchant account must include an payment gateway account.

If you do not have a merchant account, let us know and we can help you get one with NO SETUP fees!!

After installing the component, go to Components -> DT Donate -> Edit Settings, then follow these instructions:

1) Community Builder Integration:  Select if you want to integrate with CB or not.  If using the Joomla 1.0 version of DT Donate, you should be using CB 1.1.  If using the Joomla 1.5 version of DT Donate, you should be using CB 1.2.  This integration is optional and allows the profile fields (such as address, city, etc) to auto-populate into the form.  Also, if the user is logged in, an option to save payment info will be given on payment forms.  This data will be encrypted and saved in the database.

2) Enable Captcha Security Code:  Select if you want to enable the captcha security code image on your donation forms.

3) Donation Type:  Select the type of donations to offer.  "User-input" allows the user to input the amount they are donating.  "Preset" displays donation options that you setup with names and amounts.  "Both" offers both your preset amounts AND the user input option.

4) Convenience Fee:  Select if you want to enable a convenience fee.  This allows you to automatically add an additional fee to the user's donation.  If you enable this, click SAVE. When the page refreshes, you will then have another field to set how much the convenience fee is and if it is a $ amount or a % percentage.

5) Enter you API Login ID.  This is NOT your login username that is used when logging into your account on their website, but your login ID that is used for any online use of your merchant account.  If you do not know this, login to your account and you'll be able to get this info there.

6) Enter your transaction key.  This is a 16-character key.  If you do not know this, you can get it by logging into your account.

7) Enter your "From Name".  This is the name that will show as the sender for emails that are sent to donators from DT Donate.

8) Enter your "From Email".  This is the email address that the outgoing emails will show as being from.

9) Enter your "Notification Email".  This is the admin email that will receive all notices of new donations made on your site.

10) Enter your "Thank You Message".  This is the text that will display on the screen after the donation is made.  You can customize what you want to say to your donators.

11) Thanks Email - this is the text that will be sent in a "thank you" email to the donator.  An email receipt of the credit card charge will also be sent through your account, but this is a separate email directly from you or your organization. You can use HTML code to customize the look and layout of this email message.  In the default message, you see a line of code:
You have donated $%01.2f USD
This can be changed of course, but be aware that the %01.2f characters will pull in the amount of the donation.

12) Thanks Email Subject - enter the subject of the email that will be sent to the donator.

13) Message/Instructions - whatever you type here will be displayed at the top of your donation form.  Use this for any instruction you would like to give or just a simple message you'd like to share.

14) Select the payment method(s) you wish to offer.  You can select, PayPal or BOTH.

15) Select the credit card types that you accept from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Whichever items are checked will show on your donation form as an option for the donator to pay with.

16) Enter your PayPal ID, which would be the email address that you can accept PayPal payments to.

17) You have the option of setting either PayPal or to test mode so the form will not actually process a donation.  You can use this for testing, but must have it set back to Live Mode to take actual payments.

18) Setup eCheck options.  You can enable/disable Echeck as a payment option for your users.  You must have this enabled on your account if you are going to use this.  You can also set it to Test or live mode.

19) Click "Save" in the upper right corner and you're set and ready to go!

If you would like to create custom form fields, go to Components -> DT Donate -> Custom Fields Management.

1) Click "New" in the upper right corner.  Use the tooltips for assistance on setting the options for your custom field.

2) Click "Save".  After making multiple custom fields, you can reorder them on the Custom Fields screen.  You can also unpublish a field if you do not want it to be displayed.

If you need additional assistance, please use the DTH Forum.