Joomla Automated & Mass SMS Messaging
DT SMS - Automated & Mass SMS Messaging for Joomla

DT SMS is a powerful Joomla component designed to automate SMS messaging with Joomla-based applications and users with smartphones/tablets. DT SMS can enable your Joomla installation to behave like a smart device by sending and receiving SMS messages, but unlike smart devices, it is designed to scale up and support high volume messaging. DT SMS integrates with Twilio’s gateway which means you will be required to sign up for a Twilio account for SMS messaging. Get more info and sign up at:  www.twilio.com. DT SMS 2.0 is supporting popular sms service - Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) as well

  • Update on: 26 Oct, 2018
  • Current Version: 2.0.0 Stable

DT SMS features

Core features of Joomla automate SMS messaging extension


Engineered for high volume SMS activity

Because DT SMS is engineered for high volume SMS activity, there are several important integrations provided with the extension. When using high volume messaging, the method of integration centers around lists of recipients. If you can create a list of recipients, even with a simple CSV file, then you can import and manage SMS lists within DT SMS. Messages can be sent to those lists based on scheduled times, on demand or upon the occurrence of specified actions.

DT SMS is designed for large volume messaging activity, it includes several critical features that enable you to monitor security and process activity within your Joomla website. Through a simple plugin, you can configure lists of recipients to receive alerts when certain security instances occur or if the content in your Joomla website has been changed. With DT SMS, you can keep your customers engaged and informed and alert yourself also to activities taking place within your website.


Flexible and easy to use automate SMS messaging system

  • SMS Template Manager
    Create SMS messages that you can easily select and re-use at any time.
  • Integration with JomSocial and Community Builder
    import data from user fields into text messages to personalize them.
  • Message Management, including scheduling one-time or recurring SMS blasts
    Send a message right now, or schedule one to be sent at a future date/time.
    Setup recurring messages that can be sent automatically at a scheduled date/time, and at set intervals. For example, send an automated text on the first of each month.

Conditional Reply configurations including:

  • forward SMS replies to an email address
  • handling "REMOVE" / "STOP" replies
  • subscribe to a list
  • send an auto-reply SMS message back

Conditional replies can be setup to process based on:

  • All incoming replies
  • Scan for a specific word (or one of a list of words)
  • The original sending phone number


Joomla Activity Monitoring Plugin

DT SMS includes a valuable Joomla Activity Monitoring Plugin. This plugin will monitor different types of security and actions within Joomla and send pre-configured SMS alerts to recipients on the list to receive that notification. The monitored actions include:


Security with SMS Alerts

  • New Joomla user added
  • User profile edit
  • User password reset
  • Global configuration update (saved)
  • New user group added
  • ;New access level added
  • Change of user group assignment to a user

Process and Content

  • New article created/updated/deleted
  • New extension installation
  • Extension uninstall
  • New menu item added
  • Menu item edited/deleted
  • Plugin enabled/disabled

DT Register Event Management Plugin (coming soon!)

DT SMS includes a powerful DT Register Plugin. This plugin will monitor different types of actions occurring in DT Register and will send pre-configured SMS alerts to recipients on the list to receive that notification. The monitored DT Register actions include:

  • Event created/edited/deleted
  • New Registration
  • CSV export run
  • Configuration updated
  • Record edited/deleted
  • Location created/edited/deleted
  • Permissions updated
  • Mass email run
  • Event capacity reached
  • User updates record in User Panel
  • User makes payment in User Panel
  • User cancels registration in User Panel

Supported SMS Services Providers

DT SMS use two most powerful SMS providers for sms integration:

  • Supports Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Twilio’s gateway

DT SMS Pricing Table

Flexible pricing, pay less, get more


  • 1 Year Updates
  • All plugins
  • Unlimited domains
  • 20% Renewal discount
  • Forum Support


$199 Popular
  • DT Register
  • DT Invoice
  • DT DocuSign
  • DT Donate
  • DT SMS
  • Forum & Ticket Support