DT RegisterAs you can tell, we don't sleep much around here. The work is never-ending as we quickly work to squash any bugs and to keep adding more and more features and improvements to our extensions. DT Register has really been the focus lately as we've rolled out some huge advancements. Today we want to let you know about yet another one! Version 2.6.2 is officially released with a number of fixes and also some addtional features. This has been available for a couple of days so some of you already have it, BUT if you downloaded it prior to this notice, you should download it again as the "official" release is done. The official package will show with a date of March 2, 2010 in the list of installed components.

Here are the items that have been worked on since the initial 2.6.1 release just 1 1/2 weeks ago:


  • Prerequisite Category option added for each event. It is similar to the recently added Prerequisite Events feature, except now you can set a Category as the prerequisite instead of individual events if you want to just make sure a user has registered for ANY event from a selected category.
  • Added a new [FIRSTNAME] tag to be used in all email messages. So now you have the option to use First Name only instead of the full name.
  • Added new parameters to set a "From Name" and "From Email" address that all of the DT Register emails will be sent from. If you do not set anything, it will continue to use the email from Joomla's global configuration as has previously been used.
  • The Transaction ID from Authorize.net, PayPal and iDeal is now stored in the registration record, visible in the backend, and included in the admin notification email.
  • Updated the Upcoming Events Module to include new parameters... giving you the option to show the event category, location and price. The category name can also be set to link to a list of events from that category.
  • Added a new SSL Plugin so you can easily force DT Register to use a secure https url. Then when leaving DT Register, the url returns to a non-secure page. Just install and enable the new plugin and you're set!
  • Added a new optional Month/Year filter above the list of events allowing users to quickly filter and see only events from a selected month.
  • Added new language files: German (frontend & backend), Finnish, and Arabic. The Swedish file was updated for this version.
  • Removed the auto-populated amount that showed in an optional partial payment field. The minimum amount auto-populated, but now it is blank so users do not think they HAVE to pay that amount.
  • Added a Country field to the Location manager. Also removed Address2 from the link to Google as it was causing some addresses to not display in the exact correct location.


  • Fixed: Counter that shows number of registrants.
  • Fixed: User Panel links were sometimes defaulting to Itemid=1.
  • Fixed: Error on Copy Events function.
  • Fixed: PayPal error when using the comma currency separator.
  • Fixed: Issue where apostrophe's in user fields sometimes saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Pay Now link in the user panel didn't work in IE.
  • Fixed: Backend issue with tabs structure when using IE.
So how much longer until Internet Explorer is completely banned???!!  :)

Where can I download these updates??

Login to our site, go to My Orders. Next to your order details you will see a Download link. This link always pulls the latest package that is available. You have access to this link for one year from purchase. If your order is no longer active, you would need to make a new purchase to get any further updates.

How Can I Stay Updated?

There are many ways to stay connected with DTH Development!

We are already working on additional new features, so stay tuned! Thanks for your support and enjoy using Joomla's best event registration solution on your site!